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100% Natural Cotton BPA-Free Compact Applicator Tampons, Super, 16 Cou

100% Natural Cotton BPA-Free Compact Applicator Tampons, Super, 16 Cou


Veeda Applicator Tampons are made with ultra-absorbent all-natural 100% cotton for reliable, leak-proof protection. Veeda natural tampons keep your clothes safe so that you can have a worry-free period! Designed with specialized grooves for added absorption and all-natural cotton string for easy removal.


Available in: Lite, Regular, Super & Super Plus with Compact BPA-Free Applicator or Applicator Free


  • 100% NATURAL COTTON - Our all natural cotton tampons are made from GMO-free cotton and are 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic and Gynaecologically tested. 
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Designed and manufactured with comfort in mind, our slim and comfortable applicator tampons feature a BPA-Free plastic applicator, strong and reliable 100% cotton string and are healthy, safe, effective and irritation free.
  • CHEMICAL FREE TAMPONS - Veeda tampons are Pesticide, dioxin, chemical, chlorine, dye, fragrance and synthetic FREE. 
  • REDUCES RISK OF TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME - Oxygen cleansing creates a pesticide free product, ensuring only 100% natural cotton touches your body.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND COMFORTABLE - Highly effective, discreet and comfortable, Veeda Tampons are individually wrapped and sized just right for easy carrying.  Customers report  LESS DISCOMFORT and SHORTER PERIODS
  • MANUFACTURED IN EUROPE - In ISO 4001 Compliant facilities, with biodegradable and recyclable packaging.
  • BETTER FOR YOU, BETTER FOR THE PLANET - Veeda tampons are made with naturally soft, absorbent 100% pure GMO-Free cotton (that’s it, nothing else!) ensuring that your body only meets with the purest, irritation free ingredients. Since 100% pure cotton is made by nature, it biodegrades by nature and won’t build up in landfill. 
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