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Security and Safety Services and Tech Abuse Hub - Australia

With a significant escalation in Technology facilitated abuse in Australia, and a National Plan to guide actions to ending domestic violence on the Government's agenda, the Naturalena Foundation, in collaboration with MICAH Projects and Concentric Concepts, has established a Tech Abuse Detection and Assessment Hub in a discreet location in Brisbane.

The Tech Hub is an innovative scalable service delivery model, the first of its kind in Australia, the design of which is supported by evidence-based research and informed by front-line DV workers and lived experience victims.

Individuals are referred to the Tech Hub by Domestic Violence front-line workers, their family lawyer, or a health professional, by way of appointment, whereby a safety and security assessment on a car and devices is conducted by an expert security specialist.

Technology-facilitated abuse is a form of interpersonal violence using mobile, online, and/or digital technologies and this form of abuse is escalating.

It includes:

  • Monitoring and controlling behaviours (eg tracking whereabouts, stalking, surveillance)

  • Emotional abuse and threats

  • Harassment (eg sending offensive material or maintaining unwanted contact)

  • Sexual and image-based abuse (eg taking and distributing imagery without consent)


Technology-based abuse can involve - misuse of devices of phones and computers, accounts (email), software and platforms (social media), and cars (tracking) to control, abuse, and intimidate people experiencing Domestic and Family violence.

Special features of the Tech Abuse Hub


Innovative new service delivery - first of its kind in Australia.


Project design is underpinned by research in consultation with front line DV workers and lived experience victims.


Responds to the growing prevalence of Domestic Violence in Australia.


Responds to a Government National Plan to address Domestic Violence and abuse.


Focusses on both prevention and crisis response.


Coordinated support model with wrap around services - more efficient service delivery, easier for victims of abuse, multiple touch points to assess risk issues.


Collaboration between Government, service providers and business supporting the concept that the safety of Australians is the responsibility of everyone.



Wrap Around Services

The service also includes wrap around services, being the opportunity to consult with a DV specialist/counsellor while the sweep is being undertaken.

The service will cover:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweep of vehicle.

  • Inspection and scan of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to identify key loggers and other nefarious software.

  • Personalised advice and education on cyber safety.

  • Opportunities to consult with a  DV support worker on-site and have access to further integrated support such as Centrelink, VAQ.

The Naturalena Foundation Health, Security and Safety Services offers a number of services, including:


Security Vulnerability Assessment and Safety Planning

Trauma informed and client centred approach to determine most effective security upgrades using a concentric layered approach.


Project Management

Management of all upgrades from lock changes to security systems and alarms, including quality control of works through a single point of contact.

Data Center

Technology Safety Platform

Providing a suite of personal safety devices, including watches and pendants, to provide discreet notification to 24/7 monitoring for a personalised emergency response.

Young Student in Library

Educational Programs

Providing situational Awareness training and technology facilitated abuse training to frontline workers, including Police and NGO’S.

Mechanic Examining a Car

TECH Abuse Detention Hub

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Guardiant Safety App

Health, Safety and Employee Wellbeing Support in the Palm of Your Hand

Guardiant is a personal safety platform that underpins and drives the security app and devices, including notification alerts, and was designed with the intention of keeping vulnerable people safe;

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