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Supporting vulnerable Las Vegas communities

130,824 Happy Little Camper natural diapers donated to Las Vegas Diaper Bank

Diapers represent a significant cost for families and millions of parents across the U.S. who cannot afford an adequate supply to maintain infant hygiene. Approximately 1/3 of U.S. families experience diaper need with one baby needing an average of $100 worth of diapers per month.

Las Vegas Diaper Bank strive to serve the greater Las Vegas Community and Clark County by providing diapers to those in need. Since 2015, the Las Vegas Diaper Bank has been dedicated to supporting these families to keep babies clean, dry and healthy.

Here at Naturalena Brands, we believe that we can change the world by helping families across the globe and creating a positive impact on our communities. Our Natural Baby Care products are plant-based, eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, which means they are not only better for babies, but also better for the planet.

Whilst we know that this donation will go some way towards helping families in need, we recognise that there are still families doing it tough all over the world. We hope that we can help increase awareness and make a difference in the lives of others by supporting Las Vegas Diaper Bank. We are proud to recognise them for all the work they do throughout the community to help better the lives of others. Visit for more information or to support Las Vegas Diaper Bank.

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