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End the Loneliness

Incontinence is a condition that will impact many people at some stage in their lives. With the right medical help and support, it can be managed and controlled.

Unfortunately, sufferers often struggle to talk about their condition, resulting in a detrimental impact to their overall quality of life. The topic of bowel and bladder disfunction can be uncomfortable for many, which can lead to feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Social isolation is common, leading to sufferers having feelings of hopelessness and fear. The walls of shame associated with incontinence result in a reduced quality of life, decreased use of health care, stress and discrimination.

Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding it, incontinence doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, which only serves to perpetuate the problem.

It's time to end the loneliness of incontinence by encouraging conversation and open dialogue, so that sufferers can feel comfortable in accessing the right support.


End the stigma of incontinence for a better tomorrow.

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