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What We Do

Every person deserves dignity.

Equality and fairness are core principles of our basic human rights that include the right to health, to education and to work. To deny anyone access to these, would be a violation of their basic human rights.

And yet, here we are.

Access to basic sanitation items has a direct impact on these three basic rights being fulfilled.

Period poverty has a direct negative impact on people’s health as well as their ability to live their lives normally, and with dignity. Without access to sanitary products, young people around the world miss school each month, thus compromising their education, and impacting their future.

Incontinence products are crucial to ensure comfort, cleanliness and dignity. Without incontinence items, people can end up isolated and embarrassed, and worried about how they smell. Urinary tract infections, rashes and other complications can trigger more serious health concerns.

Families experiencing diaper need not only expose their babies to potential health risks, but also make it less likely for them to be accepted to day cares, leaving their parents or caregivers unable to attend work.  Access to clean diapers not only helps avoid medical expenses associated with diaper rash and urinary tract infections, but also allows parents to go to work, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Period Poverty, Diaper Need and access to incontinence products are serious global issues that can be eradicated by donations, education, and awareness.

Every person is entitled to adequate access to basic sanitation items.

The Naturalena Foundation was established with a steadfast mission to give good to the world through its charitable efforts.


The foundation provides a platform for our company, our staff and our customers to provide a positive impact on our community.

​We aim to provide assistance to people both in our local communities & globally where needed.​​

The Naturalena Foundation, a registered charity, donates much-needed essentials such as baby wipes or adult body wet wipes, hand sanitiser, period products, incontinence products and diapers to those in need either directly, or through other charities and foundations around the world.

“Having access to basic sanitation products should not be seen as life changing, it should be a standard right.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a world where people are not disadvantaged by inadequate access to basic sanitation and can access and enjoy all opportunities available in an unhindered, healthy way to deliver greater equality, opportunity and wellbeing for society as whole.

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Young Women with Backpacks

Our Vision

A world in which access to basic sanitation is a standard right for everyone.

We Need Your Support Today!

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