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It's time for period products to be made available in all public restrooms. 

Toilet paper, as a basic necessity,  is available free of charge in every public and company toilet because it contributes to improved hygiene in our society.

Menstruation is not a choice.


By making period products readily available in public restrooms, we’re making public restrooms more inclusive.


Close to half the population menstruates, has menstruated or will menstruate. Its time to change the current narrative which disadvantages people all over the world, and create greater equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all.

Join us as we normalize menstruation,  so that everyone has adequate access to period products, effectively ending period poverty.

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Ditch the code names!

Remember when we had code names for our period, as well as menstrual products?

This old-fashioned embarrassment highlights the implied shame in a natural bodily function.

Let’s end the shame here and change the narrative for future generations!

Societal and cultural shame in menstruation is old-fashioned and only serves to hold back such a large proportion of the population by making them feel that it’s a disadvantage to menstruate.

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Help us to drive awareness by downloading our poster and sharing it around! 

Writing Letters


Download our letter template, personalize it and send it to all your local shopping centres, airports, universities, schools, restaurants and more!

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Share your wins!

If you've had a win, let us know and we'll help to share it with the world!

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