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About Us

Naturalena Foundation

At the Naturalena Foundation, our mission is to provide access to the basic hygiene products that all people deserve. We strive to ensure that everyone in our communities, especially those who are underserved, have the resources to maintain their dignity and health. From providing donations to partnering with local organizations, we are dedicated to helping those in need and working to create a more equitable future.

Volunteers with Donation Boxes

Our Mission

We are solving the critical challenges of period poverty, diaper poverty, and incontinence, areas that are too often overlooked and impact the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our Vision

We support better access to basic human necessities at every stage of life.
> We address period poverty to diminish its devastating impact on the education and economic freedom of too many women.
> We alleviate diaper need to break an invisible part of poverty that entrenches socio-economic barriers.
> We amplify incontinence as a silent health crisis to loosen its destructive control over quality of life.

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