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Ending Period Poverty

People all over the world experience period poverty and struggle to afford menstrual hygiene products which can lead to cultural shame, ostracization and affect their day to day lives.


The importance of combatting period poverty is ever growing with our population.  

Cloths, rags, toilet paper and tissues are often used by those who don’t have access to or can’t afford sanitary products monthly, which can have a direct negative impact on their health as well as their ability to live their lives normally.


The impact of period poverty, particularly in young people is far reaching. If someone misses a week of school each month due to the stigma and physical necessity of not having access to suitable sanitary products, her education is compromised, thus impacting her future.

Period poverty is a serious global issue that can be supported by donations, education and awareness. 

The Naturalena Foundation, a registered charity, donates much-needed essentials such as baby wipes or adult body wet wipes, hand sanitiser, period products, incontinence products and diapers to those in need either directly, or through other charities and foundations around the world.

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Normalize Menstruation

Encourage your workplace, school, university, shopping centres, and restaurants to include period products such as pads and tampons, in their regular orders, just like they do with toilet paper. 

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Get Involved

Its time to end period poverty. Whilst normalizing menstruation is the most effective long term solution to ending period poverty, unfortunately people all over the world are currently without access to period products and need our help. 

"When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises"

Angela Merkel

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