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Donations and Partnership Opportunities with Naturalena Foundation

It takes a village - we believe that there is a place for everyone to be involved in helping to protect the vulnerable and serve the community. Solving complex social issues requires the commitment of all sectors – local business, Government, and Corporate support.

The Naturalena Foundation is always on the lookout to partner with like-minded organizations who share our mission. As a charitable organization, partners are critical to our work.

If you are interested in partnering with the Naturalena Foundation, please reach out to discuss the ways that best suit your organizational needs and resources.

The Naturalena Foundation accepts individual donations, corporate and business sponsorship, and Government funding together with grant funding from other like-minded charitable public and private foundations.

The Foundation actively seeks funding to support charitable programs across the globe.

Corporate Partnerships

The Naturalena Foundation creates bespoke partnerships with its corporate and business partners to ensure the charitable program matches what matters to your clients, your brand, your business, and your employees.

We create partnerships with meaning that offer tangible benefits for your business and your employees which enables the Naturalena Foundation to continue its charitable work throughout the globe.

Partnership Opportunities

Brand Alignment

Bespoke Financial Sponsorship Packages

We offer a range of sponsorship packages that suit the size of your organization and available budget. We work together to craft a project or program that works best for your organization. We will work with you to develop a package that delivers a range of benefits including brand exposure, positive workplace culture, and opportunities to engage with our causes.

We partner with organizations that share our mission. We are committed to designing a partnership that achieves a charitable purpose and one that enhances your community's standing.

Resource Sharing

In collaboration with the Naturalena Foundation, your organization can help to share resources, such as staff, expertise, and funding, leading to a more efficient and effective use of resources. We are open to discussing potential gifts-in-kind, be that expertise, like marketing and social media management, project management skills, or legal expertise, and secondment opportunities for staff.

Energized Client Base

Volunteer Pool

Stronger Networks and Influence

Our partners tell us that their clients and staff are attracted to work for and do business with organizations that actively support the community and those in need. When your clients learn of the partnership, they may feel inspired to get involved as well, and potentially send supporters and donors to the Naturalena Foundation.

Advertising Opportunities

When businesses sponsor a Naturalena Foundation fundraising event or charitable project, there are often advertising opportunities, usually by their name or the prominent display of their logo. Businesses can also reference its partnership in their marketing materials. These opportunities help raise the organization’s public profile thereby creating positive brand associations.

Where possible, the Naturalena Foundation will tailor a partnership to a charitable project or program whose mission intersects with the interests of your client base in some way. We believe that if your client base is excited to hear about the new partnership, they may be more inclined to continue patronizing your business

Data and Reporting

We understand that many corporate partners require documentation as to how they have contributed and how far their donations or efforts have gone as evidence of their corporate responsibility practices, and to be able to show their employees the demonstrable impact they have had. We will work with you to understand your reporting requirements.

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities for your staff. When businesses partner with the Naturalena Foundation, some of their employees are inspired to volunteer. We welcome those employees on our volunteer team.

Workplace Giving

The Naturalena Foundation can accept donations from Workplace Giving programs. Often businesses encourage contributions by offering to match whatever funds employees raise with a donation of its own.

Corporate Partner Fundraising

You may wish to choose to help develop a fundraising campaign. We can help you design a corporate fundraising event that suits your organization and its clients and services.

Invitations to Events

Our corporate sponsors will have access to priority ticketing to attend the Naturalena Foundation events and community engagement initiatives.

Information Collection

If you would like to discuss how we can co-design a meaningful partnership with your business, please fill in the form below and someone from our Corporate Partnerships team will be in





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